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Engineering and Vastu Recommendations for Room Size, Direction and Specifications

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Proper design and planning of rooms in the house is essential to lead a comfortable and healthy life. As an Engineer who has completed various projects, I can tell you that Vastra Sashtra is a great tool for construction. Anyone can use Vastu during planning and construction to bring positivity and good energy into their home. Hence In this article, I am going to give you a few essential engineering principles and Vastu recommendations for the selection of room size, room placement and the direction that room has to face.

These suggestions are tailored for both north and south Indian households. They are based on the daily activities of the residents, sun’s position, privacy, easy access and cosmic energies.

Room size and direction for lighting and ventilation
Better lighting, ventilation and positivity

Living Room

The living room should be directly connected to other rooms especially the kitchen, bedroom, staircase and bathrooms. This is the place where family members relax, watches TV or just hang out. Hence it should have sufficient size, good natural lighting and good air circulation from large windows.

As a thumb rule in engineering, it is recommended that the window opening area should be greater than 10% of the floor area for better lighting and ventilation. According to Vastu Shastra, most windows should face north and east direction for better natural lighting from the sun in the morning and in other day hours.  Morning sunlight is good for health, it will warm up the house and it will also kill all bacteria and virus that developed during the night time.

Minimum ideal area required for living room= 16 sq.m or 170 sq.ft 

Best direction for the living room  according to Vastu Sastra = North-East (Eshanya = Direction of health, power and prosperity)


The bedroom is where family members sleep, relax, work, groom, “hang out 🙂 ” etc.., Privacy(sometimes soundproof) is much needed in this room. Family members use bedrooms in the early morning hours to get ready for work, and in other times they are used for relaxing and sleeping. Hence they should be in the south direction or North-East direction to enjoy direct sunlight and heat in the early morning hours and shade in the other times.

Minimum area required for bedrooms= 12 sq.m or 130 sq.ft

Best direction for Bedroom according to Vastu Sastra = South direction (Dhakshin Yama = Direction of health, happiness, growth and female love). Avoid North-West direction.

Note: Avoid sleeping with head facing north direction because earth magnetic influence in your brain which will cause sleeping disorder.

According to Vasu if you place your Head in the east direction, you will get good memory, concentration and good health, and if you place your Head in the south direction you will get wealth, happiness and prosperity and if you place Head in the west, you will get fame, reputation and prosperity.

Kitchen Room size and direction

The kitchen should be placed on the North-East or South-East location with windows facing East direction. It should be open and easily accessible to the living room and dining area hence you can monitor the activities (watch over children) and engage in conversation.

Minimum room size for kitchen = 8 sq.m or 85 sq.ft

Best direction for Kitchen according to Vastu Sastra= South-East direction with cooking faces east (Agneya or Agni mulai = Direction of health)

Next best direction is North-West direction(Vayavya or Vayu)

and last option is North-East Direction (Eshanya)

Bathrooms and Toilet (water closet)

Provide high raise windows and ventilators in bathrooms and toilet facing outside of the building to dispose smell.

Minimum size for bathroom = 2.6 sq.m or 28 sq.ft

Minimum size for Toilet(W.C) = 2 sq.m or 22 sq.ft

Recommended size for bathroom + Toilet = 5.5 sq.m or 60 sq.ft

Placement, direction for Bathrooms and toilet according to Vastu Sastra = South-West (Nairuthya = for Longitivity)


Area required for the staircase depend on the type and location of the staircase. Headroom size is also important.

Minimum width of steps = 1 m or 3 ft

Landing size = 1.2 m or 4 ft

Rise = 150 to 180 mm

Tread = 250 to 300

Placement, direction for staircase according to Vastu Sastra = South or South-West direction.

Other areas such as office room, prayer room, store room shall be designed based on its function. Finally, I like to say that its family members that make the house into a beautiful home.

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  1. Room sizes – beed room 11feet .4 inch * 8 feet , hall 11feet 4 inch *16 feet , kitchen 8 feet *6feet this measurements is ok or bad

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