Construction of House Using Large 3d Printer called Kamermaker

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How would you like to print your house in a printer?. I am not talking about a picture of a house but a actual house using the 3d printer. I would think that that is not possible.

An innovative construction machine, developed by a dutch company, DUS Architect, called “Kamermaker” which literally translates “Room Builder” can print an actual house using giant 3d printers. Instead of concrete, it uses microfiber plastic and plant oil as a building material.

Expert Review

What’s this fuss about 3d printing of houses?

“It’s a new technology. We can build any structures faster, in any shape with accuracy.”

Need of 3d Printing of houses instead of conventional building method?

“Large amount of co2 is released during manufacture of cement, and all the building materials we are using today affects the environment in one way or other. So, we are in need of “greenish” ways to construct our homes and shopping complexes. In the 3d printing technology, we can reuse 100% of the materials without any wastage and we can use eco-friendly for construction.”

How to construct a house using 3d printer?

“3d printer melts plastic and continues to prints in thin lines above one another. Thousands of lines combine together and form a required shape. Currently, we can build houses, small apartments and offices using this technology. Not only plastic we can also melt metals like iron and titanium to print items to a required shape. There are bigger printers to print cement materials too.”

It is getting popular in countries like America, Germany and China.

3d printer technology in other countries.

In Dubai, they built a two-storey office building using this technology in 17 days. In China, a company called Wincen demonstrated the technology by building two-storey apartmentsP at a very affordable cost.

Since its Green, faster and economical, 3d printing technology might revolutionize the future of construction industry.

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