5 Steps for students to start their civil engineering Project work

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As a Project Co-ordinator, I like to share some information on how to start your UG and PG civil engineering project work with these 5 simple steps.

Step: 1 – Choosing a Topic

First, consult with experts, engineers and contractors. Go through civil engineering forums and websites and understand the current trends, techniques, and problems present in the civil engineering field. Then visit websites of famous Top engineering colleges(IIT and NIT) and research institutes and then look for the current research topics and civil engineering project work undergoing in that institutes. Before choosing a topic you should consider project cost, machinery requirement, testing facility, raw materials, permission from institution etc.,

Step: 2 – Preliminary studies on the project – Literature reference and reviews

After choosing a topic, You should read extensively about researches performed related to that topic. You can get abstract, experimental setup, result and conclusion from the journal papers and books published in websites and journals. This extensive study of previous research works is called literature review or reference.

civil engineering project work

You can get the thesis, papers and research works from the following websites

You can also search Google Scholar for research papers. You can download pdf directly from the links given in the right side of the search result in google scholar.

Go through the papers and thesis related to your topic and note down the abstract, different tests conducted, different methods adopted, different conclusions derived. If you don’t like to read then you will not be complete your civil engineering project work successfully.

Step :3 – Objective, methodology and abstract of the civil engineering project work

After your extensive study on previous projects, you will have a better understanding of your topic. Now its decide the objective, methodology and abstract of the project. Objectives are the results that are expected from your project and methodology is the way you are going to get the project done. The methodology could be in the form of a flowchart showing each step of your project and the time period you are going to take for each task. Finally, prepare a preliminary abstract that summarizes your project work and take printouts.

Step: 4 – Approaching Project Guide

Meet your department professor who has enough knowledge in your project topic and eagerness to guide you. Explain your project, submit your abstract, methodology and objective and ask for their opinion Show them that you are the responsible and talented fellow who can complete the project on your own. Project Guide often likes student who are energetic, innovative students from whom they can also learn.

Step: 5 – Proceed with the Project

Project Guide may suggest weekly meetings and frequent interaction to discuss the progress of the project.  Hard copies of your work will be always appreciated by your guide in the project meetings. Always record everything related to project and present it to the project guide during guide meetings.

If you need good grades in your civil engineering project work then you must study a lot, work hard, work smart and aware of what other students are doing in their projects. You should often meet with your guides and your head of the department to discuss your project. You have to please the project guide and department head to get good grades.

Sample Project format

Anna University – Project Format- UG Thesis

Anna University – Project Format- Phase I & Phase 2 – ME & MTech

Anna University – Project Guidelines – UG & PG

Where to approach for project fund (from NIT Trichy)

Complete Thesis

You can download complete thesis from

  • “” from nit Rourkela and other top university websites.
  • “” oxford university

you can also download thesis from other famous universities.

Project Funt / Grants / awards

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